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Welcome to spirit lunia

We welcome you to our server. A server full of joy and love, with many custom features, such as custom drop rates, custom stages and increased exp gain!

Server features

Spirit Lunia is one of the very few actively developed servers of Lunia. Besides recreating features that we're missing (since we run on Lunia Z version 2.6 and not 3.1), we also have plenty of custom, new and refreshing features for you to enjoy.

Some of our features are...

  • Increased EXP gain till level 70
  • Revamped Legend stages up to Episode 2
  • Custom stages: District X and Z
  • Constant rebalancing of characters + official rebalances up to patch 3.1
  • Increased droprate of spirit boxes from any Myth stage.
  • Active support by our GM team!
  • With servers in: Europe (Germany), America (Brazil & US), Asia (China, Hong Kong)!
  • The most lovely community one could wish for.
  • Frequent events with rewards ranging from custom rebirth wings to cute transformations.
  • And so much more...