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About scams [once again]

Posted at 08-04-2017 10:16

Hi everyone,

We once again make a news message about scams. This time, it will be our last.

The staff of Spirit Lunia is not responsible for your lack of insight when handing out stuff. If you give out your password, in any way (note: we do not ever support account sales), then you take full responsible for what may happen next. It is not our job to clean up your mess.

Same goes for in-game stuff. If you buy whatever service from someone, it requires a level of trust, if things then go wrong, we cannot help you clean up your mess. If you, somehow, require a level of trust, I suggest you get a GM involved. Find one in-game or PM one on the forums, they're always willing to help. If we feel like we lack GMs in-game, I will assign more so people have help available.

A scam case is incredibly hard to investigate, especially when an account is "stolen". We cannot find evidence of it being stolen, because accounts were often passed on between many different users and as such have a very large history of IPs logged into it. We cannot have an overview of sales because they happen outside of games.

It makes it all worse when the scammed person starts making claims while the scammer starts making other claims. It is literally -impossible- for us to figure out, we rely on hard evidence.

This is not a get-out-of-jail-card for scammers. We are not saying scamming is okay, if enough evidence is around, we will still ban. However, whether scamming happens is entirely up to the users, not us. Let us not waste eachother's time.


If you get scammed and we cannot find anything, you're doomed and your case will be closed. This post will now be seen as sacred and as a rule against scams.