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Ban Wave & GM Element

Posted at 19-08-2017 18:08

Hi everyone,

Just now we did a ban wave based on a known, but unfixable, exploit, the famous RB exploit. In this wave, about 20 accounts were banned. Unfortunately, we would rather not wipe such a big amount of users at once, but we simply cannot tolerate such behaviour, especially when it's not fair to the rest of the community.

Some of these accounts were like sold or traded after exploits were done, but once again, we have a rule in place against account sales / trades, and it is not our responsibility. In fact, I wouldn't mind allowing account sales based on these two conditions:

  1. they are sold solely for lcoins;
  2. an official GM must be used as middleman.

But I'll leave that decision up to the community. Just keep in mind that unofficial sales, without the use of lcoins, are against the rules.

Other than that, I would like to introduce our new GM, @Element! Just like @Crash@Searwen and @Wendy, he'll be here to help us make Spirit Lunia great again.