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Maintenance 20/07/19

Posted at 19-07-2019 10:35

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow (20th of July) there will be a maintenance and patch at 6 PM.

Due to this being a major patch, updating through the patcher is not possible, and we will be supplying a new client for you to download.

Download links (more will follow):

Keep in mind this client does not work until after the maintenance.

Patch notes: 

  • Upgraded Spirit Lunia from version 2.6 to version 2.7 using the new encryption.
  • Fixed buffs not working correctly, including wings.
  • Fixed gold trading and shop limit.
  • Chaos Lunia Eye is now obtainable through the Chaos Lunia Item box instead of the outer box, which should increase the chance of getting it.
  • Chaos Lunia gloves drop rate is now lower, so you have a better chance of getting other parts.
  • Fixed Ryan's ultimate skill not being able to drag to the skill bar

While not much changed for players yet, the upgrade to version 2.7 is huge, and will allow us to update different aspects of the game.