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New forum!

Posted at 05-04-2017 22:37

Hey there everyone!

We felt like it was time to step away from our old, messy forums. They served us well for a long time, but I think they were simply too messy.

This is why we're making a brand new start! Over at https://ipb.spirit-gaming.net you'll be able to find our new forum!

By brand new start I do actually mean that the forums will be empty... and there will be no users yet. You will have to register all over again!

Do you need to move over some old threads you had? The old forums will be up for a week or two using the old url: http://forums.spirit-gaming.net/ - Also keep in mind it's probably a good idea to move over your DGB transfer requests..

Keep in mind we're still working hard on these forums. Things are bound to change and improve. Thanks!