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Patch 30.4 | maintenance

Posted at 11-06-2017 17:32

Hi everyone,

Now that the server drama has ended we can get back to patching. Later today at 9 PM server time we will release patch 30.4. This patch will require a maintenance, however, it will only be a quick reboot.

Patch notes v30.4:

  • Chaos Raids rebalanced;
  • Charlotte's HP in Chaos Raids no longer bugs in parties of 3 or more people;
  • New CS items are extractable, including Ceremonial;
  • Coins from quest changed to 3.

Make sure you're patching the game with our new patcher. The old one will not patch it. Have you somehow not yet received the new patcher yet or are you having trouble with it? Then please refer to this post to fix it.