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Server Maintenance / Reboot 25-11

Posted at 22-11-2017 21:43

Hi everyone,

There will be a server maintenance this saturday, the 25th. It will take place at 9 PM server time.

There'll be several bug fixes and updates during this maintenance, such as selenic / halonic accessories / accessories craft books. Exact details will follow.

- Fixed the bug where Lime automatically died once he reached 0HP in a transform.

- Fixed the bug with Chaos Tower Aura suddenly disappearing once you died ( next rotation ).

- Fixed the bug where you were able to complete normal Psy and still finish the Chaos Coin quest requirement.

- Added daily quests for M1 - M6 to help out newer players, getting some soul fragments.

- Added Halonic / Selenic accessory craftbooks.

- Added a Chaos Raid Title quest, it is the same concept as the normal raid title quest ( except you get cool wings once completed ).

- Eir's True JoG should now deal the damage it is supposed to deal.