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Tower of Eternal Suffering

Posted at 11-10-2016 22:41

Hi there,

I feel we have some poor communication... so we here we go. Better late than never.

Hidden within the District of Chaos looms a giant tower. It is said only the bravest of Lunians can enter this tower and challenge those within.

Challenge awaits you in the 70 floor Tower of Eternal Suffering. It is said however, that those who are brave enough to stand above others will be rewarded generously.

The Tower of Eternal Suffering replaces the Tower of Ordeal in rankings. It also has a very different kind of ranking. In this tower, only the 10 best floor clears you do during the month will count. Say you've cleared floor 50 ten times, the only way to improve is by clearing floor 51 or higher.

At the 11th of every month, the top three of each category (INT / VIT / DEX) will be rewarded with a unique aura. Not only does this aura look amazing cosmetically, it also boosts your stats. These auras are yours to keep for an entire month. During the month that you are the proud owner of an aura, you cannot compete in the Tower of Eternal Suffering.

First Rank Aura - +5% to STR / INT / VIT / DEX

Second Rank Aura - +3% to STR / INT / VIT / DEX

Third Rank Aura - +1% to STR / INT / VIT / DEX

I wish you good luck challenging the Tower of Eternal Suffering...